A Portal to a New Human Being – 222 Activation


A Portal to a New Human Being
222 Activation

I channeled this activation with the Pleaidians and they shared with me that it could be done at any time, despite the date. But please note that the date, February 2, 2018, has significant energy meaning for those who will be called to undergo this activation on that particular day. This specific day works as an amplifier; however this activation holds energy of unity for the star being and human being that you are, and is beneficial for you despite the date of activation. You can easily distinguish if this is the right activation for you or not by tuning into your own intuition and feeling it with your whole being. You have the right answer within. Enjoy!

February 2, 2018 holds activating vibrations for a new emerging human being.
~ Pleaidians

Once you realize that you are a human with extraterrestrial DNA you begin to question who you really are, and who do you relate to more, the human part or the extraterrestrial part? Could you harmonize both within you?

Your starseed DNA has various abilities (senses) encoded within that are laying dormant, for now. Your human self is limited to five basic senses. The purpose of this 222 activation is to consciously build a bridge between your higher self and your human self so that you may merge your star energy with your physical energy during this present time, and become the new human being that encompasses all parts of you. The new human being who holds the frequency of love, and uses his knowledge, senses and skills with honesty and integrity. The new you who lives and thrives in the present moment and is in service to humanity, in every occupation needed.

Why February 2, 2018?

2+0+1+8 = 11

The number 11 means a new beginning, a chance for something new to emerge. It is an exciting number with fresh, new vibrations!

11 breaks into 2 (1+1=2)

The year 2018 holds the vibration of the number 2.

Then February 2, 2018 can be written as 222. The number two holds the vibration of duality, choices, separation or unity, harmony, and peace. The number two also points to your present time. It is not your past and it is not your future. It is the moment of now. Imagine living every day in the presence of now, your star and human energy harmonized, and you are consciously creating a better Earth for future generations to come, so that one day when it is your time to leave you do not have to return, and instead you will go back to your home in the stars.

This day also holds the vibration of the number six.


Six is a power number (a second set of threes) and we know that the number three is also a catalyst. Starseed DNA activation is based on combining three energies together to awaken your sleeping DNA. Pleiadians explained that number six vibrates actively with the physical body and also with your starseed DNA. When you divide the number six by the number two you get the number three. In this case the number two can upgrade or downgrade your DNA. During the 222 activation our goal is to upgrade and unite so the new you may emerge.

When you consider that we live in a time of great changes, where technology is evolving faster than humans, it is clear that we have entered the race with time to remember who we really are and to keep our freedom while creating a future we desire.

Energy work and activations are the assistance from the Family of Light to speed up your journey the same as teachings of being conscious and living in the present time speeds up your soul growth. Become fully conscious of your starseed DNA (which means you are no longer just assuming or guessing, you know you are different and you accept it). Unify your energy, accept it as part of your human self and learn how it all works. Start using your gifts as a blessing instead of thinking of them as a curse, and emerge as the new human being that you truely are.

Naturally, you will embark on a journey of ego transformation and see the world in different perspectives. Those who connect with higher vibration energy are eventually able to overcome the fears that keep them enslaved in the 3D world. They also hold this frequency for everyone around them.

You were born different because the Earth needs YOU and your “super hero skills” to enter the Golden age. There is a lot of help for you on your journey and the 222 activation is one of them. It is a new beginning and the choice is always yours!

Love and Light,


Note: This attunement is recorded in the Language of Light, which is the universal soul healing language. Your logical mind may not understand it, but your soul will rejoice in recognition. The Language of Light carries the combined energy of God, rainbow colors, and sacred geometry. Pleiadians are soul healers and utilize the energy of the Language of Light as a healing tool for all starseeds on Earth. You may listen to this attunement as many times as you like or when you feel you need a little help with harmonizing your energies. It is short and sweet 🙂


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