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The Starseed Family Search is a 1 hour consultation where Eva will connect with your guides to determine if you are a starseed and what star system you originate from.



The Starseed Family Search is a 1 hour consultation where Eva will connect with your guides to determine if you are a starseed and what star system you originate from.

Are you a Starseed? Do you yearn for the stars? Do you feel like you are from someplace else and do not belong here? Are you constantly searching for who you are? Do you have memories or dreams of other star systems and using alien tools or interacting with other species.

In “Sacred Journey to Atlantis”, Starseeds are described as “Souls from other planets, star systems or universes, who answered a call for assistance and agreed to come to Earth to help with the healing and transformation of this planet. Individuals in embodiment who are presently working with Ascended Masters and the Galactic Command to help fulfill the divine plan of brining peace, harmony and love to Earth.”

During this enlightening 1 hour consultation, Eva will connect with your soul and your true galactic life. With assistance from her guides she will connect with and identify your guides and your star family. She will describe all she is shown about your home planet and your life there. Each star nation has its own unique abilities, and you as a starseed carry the DNA of your star family, and have the ability to awaken and use these abilities. Eva will explain what your purpose is here on Earth, and advice you as to what the next steps are in the activation process.

This is a life changing consultation that will answer all your questions as to “Why am I Here?”…

Eva Marquez is currently offering both In-Person and Distant Sessions.

Once payment is received you will be contacted by Eva within 24 hours, via email, to schedule a session. Please note that Eva can make calls only in the USA and CANADA, if you live somewhere else she can assist you via Skype, or you can call her.

If you have any questions please contact Eva, and she will make every attempt to respond via email within 48 hours.

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2 reviews for Starseed Family Search – 1 Hour in Person, Phone or Skype

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    If you have always felt a little out of place in your life and felt very misunderstood even by your own friends or family members. If you feel an unexplained curiosity or connection to Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra…etc., then I highly recommend you, to just stop wondering and ask Eva for a Starseed Family Search. You might hear the answer, that deep down you have supressed or ignored but you know to be true. Eva was not just able to help me but also my mother who comes from Andromeda.
    This will be an emotional session and one that will bring a lot of light and love to your live. The first time you have a confirmation that you are not alone in your journey, and that your loving family of light is watching over you, will be a fond memory I will always remember. It brings me a lot of consolation and strength, the hope that someday I will return home and reunite with my family of light.

    I recommend this session to anyone who thinks they might be a Starseed or feels a connection to the wisdom of beings from other planets.

    Alexa from San Jose, CR

  2. 5 out of 5

    I had the most wonderful experience with Eva, I have contact since so many years with a spiritual guide who told me that he comes from Andromeda. I was suspecting that my Starseed Nation is also Andromeda but I wanted a real confirmation. Eva could have said anything to me, but just seing me during our skype session was enough for her to confirm me that Andromeda is my Starseed Nation. For me this was amazing and a grateful experience. She is so wise, lovely and kind, full of light and all the things she told me were totally accurate. I really appreciate her advices and comments that will be very helpful to me and my family. The session with her opened a new way for me, it was like a relief and a confirmation of so many things I was feeling and experiencing. Now I’m sure about my mission on Earth and the purpose of my life here in this planet. I recommend this session to anyone, it was for me one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had.

    Odette – San Jose, Costa Rica

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