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During your 1 hour reading, Eva Marquez will use her unique intuitive abilities and work with you to come up with the answers you seek.



During your 1 hour reading Eva will connect with your soul energy and will intuitively answer your questions and give you insight into your life. Often, your loved ones and/or your guides will join in the session, and Eva will deliver their messages and guidance.

If you have suffered from emotional trauma or illness, in this lifetime or in a past lifetime, you may have created blockages and fears that may have held you back in your soul growth, and the manifesting of the life you so much desire. Eva will guide you in identifying the origin of these blockages, and will assist you on your journey to elevate your fears into love so that you may heal and be whole again.

Please know that during the session your soul energy will reveal only what you need to know at that moment. Sometimes, the future is shown as a possible future, nothing is set in stone, for the future can be changed by your actions. Eva also cannot control who will come through during the session. Each session is intended to bring healing to your soul. When your soul is healed, energy easily descends into your mind and your physical body. Each session is focused in allowing you to move forward in your life.

Eva Marquez is currently offering both In-Person and Distant Sessions.

Once payment is received you will be contacted by Eva within 24 hours, via email, to schedule a session. Please note that Eva can make calls only in the USA and CANADA, if you live somewhere else she can assist you via Skype, or you can call her.

If you have any questions please contact Eva, and she will make every attempt to respond via email within 48 hours.

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3 reviews for Intuitive Reading and Consultation – 1 Hour In Person, Phone or Skype

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I discovered Eva after reading one of her books on Kindle (A Starseed Guide). When I was in the middle of the chapter of Pleiades for my surprise, tears starting to roll down of my eyes.I felt very connected to every world she described in the book. After this I searched more about Eva in the internet and came across her webpage. I could not believe that it was possible to get a private consultation with her. I first had my Starseed Family Search Consultation (Which I recommend a lot) and when I started the call with Eva without given or saying anything about myself, no birthdate, nothing, she started to talk. During this hour she revealed so much about myself and helped me remember and confirm what my life purpose is in this life.She helped me understand why I have a very difficult relationship with an important family member and why I have struggled in this life. The first thing Eva revealed to me was that my connection to a Pleiades was not a coincidence.

    After this consultation I started to find a way to study and learn(remember) what I really was born to do. (Which is using the knowledge of holistic nutrition to help people psychologically). A couple of weeks had passed and I had all my options and ideas laid out, but was having trouble making a final decision or find the courage to star putting my ideas into practice instead of just having them floating around. I was also still struggling a little bit emotionally and I decided I need Eva´s help again. I had an intuitive reading and during this consultation Eva was able to recognize a behavior pattern that was causing me to struggle and help me give the tools to overcome it. She gave me confidence in myself and helped me put now my ideas into actions.

    I share here my personal experience and story in case anyone else can relate to it. Whether you are a Starseed or not, or traditional therapists and psychologists have failed you, or not really been able to help you overcome and understand the root of your issues. Than I highly recommend you give Eva a chance to help you.
    I truly believe in her abilities to help others, and I also believe that people like her were brought to this planet for a reason. To shed a light to the ones that are struggling and remember our missions. I will continue to follow my path and hope to always be able to count on Eva´s wisdom.

    Thank you Eva very much for how much you have helped me in a short amount of time.

    Alexa from Costa Rica

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Hello Eva,

    I would like to express my appreciation for the insightful session I had with you this morning. You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate the perspective you brought into the session. I was left full of insight and new information to ponder upon.

    Much gratitude

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Eva is truly a gifted and compassionate intuitive. Going into the reading, I had so much doubt and fear about what to do with my career path. In our hour together, Eva was able to pinpoint my energy blockages holding me back and helped me navigate through dealing with my fears. She also was able to reassure me that I am going in the right direction with my career. Now I can continue on my path with great confidence. Thank you so much, Eva!

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